10-10-2014 Dino-Lite 2.0 software update 1.5.3.C
DinoCapture 2.0 version 1.5.3.C release notes

-A new way of using EDOF refocus mode is now provided by pressing the scroll wheel during either live video or EDOF image preview as an alternative to CTRL+left clicks. To leave the refocus mode, simply left-click the mouse or press Esc.

- The activation of EDOF refocus mode can be identified by the appearance of cursor​r the text of "Refocus Mode" at the lower-right corner.

- Under EDOF refocus mode, the "Focus Shift" information is shown on EDOF image which displays the focal difference between the refocused and original focus positions. The Focus Shift may vary with the entered magnification rate and it is provided as reference for the depth information.

Added gray-level Histogram to the AE (Auto Exposure) control to help determine the exposure level.
Added adjustable opacity to the measurement text box under High Quality drawing mode. It can be adjusted by changing the Background Opacity (alpha) value in the Measurement Properties window.

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