AF4515T-FUW met Wifi optie 1.3MP, 20~220x, schakelbaar UV 375nm + witte LED, AMR

€ 699,00

Ontworpen voor professionals die hun onderwerp met verschillende golflengten moeten observeren, biedt de Dino-lite 1.3MP AF4515T-FVW digitale microscoop een dubbele lichtbron van 400nm UV en wit licht.


ModelAF4515T-FVW Dino-Lite Edge​

Interface: USB 2.0​

Product Resolution: 1.3M pixels (1280x1024)

​Magnification: 20x~220x

​Frame Rate: 15fps in 1.3MP, MJPEG 30fps in VGA, MJPEG​

Saving Format image: DinoCapture2.0: BMP, GIF, PNG, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, JP2, JPC, JPG, PGX, RAS, PNM
DinoXcope: PNG, JPEG
Video: DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV, SWF
DinoXcope: MOV​

Lighting: 4 white and 4 UV (375nm) LED lights switched by software

​Microtouch: yes

​Operating System Supported: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS 10.11.6 or later​

Calibration Function: Yes​

Measurement Function: Yes​

Unit Dimension: 11.4cm (H) x 3.3cm (D)

Unit Weight: 111g


Interchangeable Front Caps
  N3C-C / Close Cap
  This cap protects the lens and LED lights from contamination of dust, debris, or moisture.

  N3C-D / Diffuser Cap
  This cap diffuses the LED light.

  N3C-D2 / Opal Diffuser Cap
  This cap diffuses the LED light.

  N3C-E / Extended Open Cap
  Dino-Lite Edge (stand type) will focus at approximately 200x when the cap touches surface.

  N3C-L / Long Cap
  This cap is useful to adjust the working focus of Dino-Lite Edge at lower magnification.

  N3C-OB / Open Cap
  This is the standard cap for normal usage.

  N3C-S / Sidelight Cap
  This cap creates images with more depth and texture.